hello Police Charge Sex Offender Posing as Justin Bieber

Police Charge Sex Offender Posing as Justin Bieber

imgresPolice have arrested and charged a Toronto man with extortion and making child pornography after he was busted posing as Justin Bieber online and luring young girls into performing sex shows for him over the internet. Lee Moir, 34, is said to have been in contact with numerous children online under the various handles of Lee Oneel, Justy.Beber1 and Yodayoda001 and police are asking any additional victims to come forward.

US Law Enforcement officials allege that Moir began chatting with underage girls over Facebook and would soon threaten them (as Bieber) to perform sex shows for him. When a victim would try to disengage contact with the faux-Biebster Moir would threaten the girls saying he was posting their webcam performances on internet porn sites.

Moir was arrested after meeting with an officer who had posed as a 14-year-old girl on the internet and is expected to face trial in the near future.

(Source: Toronto Sun)

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  1. Daphne Gray says:

    Maybe it really is Bieber. Bieber is up to no good lately anyway or is he just desperate for media attention and attention from the public. Never know, celebs go to any extreme to get that attention. Bunch of narcissists. Soon as their notoriety begins to decline they pull things to get that attention back. This guys luring girls maybe is a relative of Bieber’s. Biebers behaviors lately makes me wonder if he isn’t related to this guy.
    I think Bieber needs to get a life. He needs to work a real job. He needs to know what real work is. By the way he sure looks like a girl.

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