hello New York Has a Serious Taser Problem

New York Has a Serious Taser Problem

A new study by the New York Civil Liberties Union shows rampant misuse of tasers by police officers throughout the entire state.

Basically cops in New York are just Tasing everyone and everything they can get their hands on. According to the study less than half of Tasering incidents actually warranted the gun’s use while only 15% of instances involved an armed suspect. Roughly the same percentage of usage reports involved clearly inappropriate subjects including people who were handcuffed or otherwise already restrained.

This could be due to a lack of formal training. The NYCLU says that a ‘vast majority’ of law enforcement agencies rely solely on the training information provided by the TASER manufacturers themselves with no model policies for their actual implementation.

The problem however could be worse than expected however as the NYCLU also suspects that most authorities are not properly reporting Taser usage either.

(Source: NYCLU)

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