hello Dumbest Criminals: Jonathan Huntley. Staying out of Jail is not his ‘Thang’

Dumbest Criminals: Jonathan Huntley. Staying out of Jail is not his ‘Thang’

As part of our ongoing efforts to keep you informed of the latest and greatest in dumb criminal news we now present to you the legendary tale of one Jonathan Huntley. The 25-year-old North Carolina man recently celebrated the end of his seven year bid for armed robbery and breaking and entering by printing a T-shirt with his old mugshot on it and the phrase “Making Money is my Thang.” Unfortunately for Mr. Huntley however police just happened to find said shirt after it fell out of a get-away vehicle containing two robbers as they sped away from the scene of a home invasion robbery. Police have a hunch that one of the robbers just might be Mr. Huntley. Whoops.

The Smoking Gun reports that police found the shirt lying on the ground outside the Dinglewood Avenue residence where one victim alleges that two black males broke in and stole valuables, including jewelry and a wallet. After an appeal to the public to identify the man seen on the t-shirt police were finally able to make an arrest.

Huntley is being held at the Mecklenburg County Jail in lieu of $30,000 bond. If convicted he could wind up back in the care of the NC DOC where during his last incarceration he racked up “26 separate disciplinary infractions, including charges of gambling, fighting, threatening a prison staffer, and ‘sexual act” (hmmm….ponder that one yourself). Though to be fair the evidence as it stands is fairly circumstantial. Not that it matters.

In short, even if Huntley is innocent he’s still most certainly guilty in the court of douchebaggery. You’re not Nelson Mandela. Your time served for armed robbery is in no way noble or worthy of celebrating. If anything, your ‘thang’ appears to be stealing money, not making it. Unless of course this is some kind of post-hipster sub-ironic crime I’m not even beginning to comprehend. Either way, if nothing else – it’s been seven years dude, it’s time to update the booking mug shot you put on your celebratory t-shirts. C’mon. Don’t be that guy.

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