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Your Criminal Justice degree or certificate is the best tool you can have to join the 860,000 men and women currently employed as our nation’s police officers, detectives and state troopers. And finding the right school can be a snap.

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Criminal Justice Job Descriptions

Here are some popular Criminal Justice career paths you may consider pursuing:

Patrol Officers: These officers perform a wide range of duties, from initiating investigations to responding to calls for assistance, or handling specialized duties.

Detectives: These plainclothes officers are responsible for in-depth investigation and fact-finding on individual cases. This is one of the most involved areas of law enforcement.

Crime Scene Investigators (CSI): Crime Scene Investigators do the evidence gathering and analysis at crime scenes. They are responsible for finding and analyzing trace physical evidence.

Federal Officers: The federal government employs many types of police agency, such as the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI). These officers investigate matters of federal law.

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Law Enforcement Training

Police work involves specialized skills, ranging from diplomacy to physical strength and agility. Most departments require 1-2 years of college education in criminal justice, resulting in an associate’s degree or certificate.

Classroom training involves subjects like:

  • Policing Practices
  • Communications
  • Corrections
  • The Criminal Court System
  • Juvenile Justice

In addition to classroom work, law officers undergo rigorous training in a police academy, where they learn tactics like martial arts, firearms training and defensive driving.

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Criminal Justice Salaries

Most law enforcement officers earn around $59,800 annually, with some advancing to make over $72,400, according to the US Labor Bureau

Here are salary ranges for several levels of law enforcement, based on Labor Bureau statistics:

Job Title Minimum Base Maximum Base
Police Chief $90,570 $113,930
Deputy Chief $74,834 $96,209
Police Captain $72,761 $91,178
Police Lieutenant $65,688 $79,268
Police Sergeant $58,739 $70,349
Police Corporal $49,421 $61,173

Figures courtesy of the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Employment & Wages database..

Law Enforcement Career Outlook

Labor Bureau statistics show a growth rate of about 10% in this field during the next decade, with the most growth in large cities.

Growth is due mostly to society becoming more security-conscious, with social issues like drug use and cyber crime becoming more prominant.

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