Criminal Justice School Overview

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A formal education from a criminal justice school can prepare you for a myriad of career paths in law enforcement and criminal studies. From field officers patroling the streets to criminologists researching the criminal mind in an attempt to better understand crime, a solid background education in criminal justice will allow you to successfully pursue whatever path in law enforcement you set your sights on.

law enforcementNearly 900,000 men and women are currently employed in the criminal justice industry as the police officers, detectives, sheriffs, game wardens and state troopers who enforce our nation’s laws and preserve social order. With a little diligence, you can find the information and training you need to become one of them.

Criminal justice training can put you on the path to becoming a patrol officer, sherriff or police chief, or it can lead to a careers as a forensics officer, crime scene investigator or other professional in the field of law enforcement.

With a degree from an accredited criminal justice school, your future can open up for you. Navigate our site to learn about law enforcement salaries, job descriptions, training information and more.