Public Safety Administration

If you have a concern for public safety issues and want a career that makes a difference, a PSA degree can make that happen. You come away with not only a solid foundation in strategic planning and management skills but the satisfaction that you are making a difference and helping others.

With a degree in Public Safety Administration, you will have the skill, knowledge, and authority to positively impact the world around you. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, occupations in this field are multiplying and demand is on the increase globally. Here is a sampling:

  • Critical Infrastructure Protection Manager
  • Homeland Security Policy Analyst
  • Crisis Response Manager
  • Natural Disaster Response Administrator
  • Fire and Emergency Services Coordinator
  • Emergency Preparedness and Prevention Manager
  • Terrorism Response Coordinator
  • Public Emergency Services Coordinator
  • Risk Management Analyst
  • Safety and Occupational Health Analyst
  • Emergency Medical Response Coordinator
  • Industrial Safety Manager

With the increased attention to security and monitoring of resources and borders, this field is abundant with varied career choices.