hello Woman Gets Caught Scamming the Scammers

Woman Gets Caught Scamming the Scammers

An Australian woman pleaded guilty to one count aggravated fraud after ripping off an international Nigerian car sales racket which had been preying on unsuspecting car buyers for years now.

Sarah Jane Cochrane-Ramsey was first employed by the Nigerians as an “agent” back in 2010. The plan was that she was able to supply an Australian bank account through which the payments for the racket would be funneled. When the car buyers who got ripped off realized they’d been had they contacted authorities who traced the bank account back to Cochrane-Ramsey and the web servers to a hosting company in New York.

But as it would turn out, Cochrane-Ramsey had actually been taking a bit more than her fair share. The deal was that she was supposed to get eight percent off of whatever transaction came into her account but the woman kept the two transactions she received – some $33,350 – and spent most of it on herself.

Judge Terry Martin scheduled her sentencing for next month. During the meantime she is said to be turning over information on money she claimed was in yet another account which she could use to make some repayments.

(Source: Courier Mail)

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